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Potential market

According to the Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry (VAMI), the domestic consumption of aluminium materials is growing at an average annual rate of 15-20%. This is a high performance metal used by consumers. Popularity.

Especially, by the end of 2015, when the real estate market in Vietnam shows signs of warming, this is an opportunity for the domestic construction materials sector, including the aluminium industry. The aluminium material market demand is getting higher and higher. But this "warming" is even more attractive to foreign investors who have the financial power and depth to produce aluminium. They quickly penetrated and penetrated deeply into the Vietnamese market. This is a great barrier for aluminium producers in the country that do not have enough resources in all aspects. Aluminium bar products are subject to unfair competition. Especially the premium segment of the aluminium ingot market.

According to Nguyen Thi Dung, Chairman of Nam Hai Group, "Foreign investors" dominate the market for high-grade aluminium because of its high investment rate, quality and technical parameters. There are strict requirements. Vietnamese companies are hesitant to dare to "target" this market.

This situation leads to Vietnam market to trade deficit this product segment. This puts a heavy burden on the aluminium industry in the country. As customers familiar with foreign goods will be difficult to bring the products into the market if not meet the quality and cost. But it is a great opportunity if aluminium products are of good quality and offer a price advantage.

Opportunity of internal business

Taking advantage of attractive opportunities, Nam Hai Group decided to breakthrough, invest in the production of high-grade aluminium bar. "With the advantage of long-term business in the aluminium materials business, Nanhai is confident of capturing demand.

Taking the quality criterion as a guideline, we research, produce and market high quality aluminium bars according to European standards, "Dung said.

In 2015, the Euroha factory of Nam Hai Group launched a line of high quality aluminium bar with insulation bridge Euroha thermal break to mark a major milestone in the development strategy towards the quality of Nam Hai Group. Euroha thermal break is considered intelligent aluminium bar with intelligent structure, power saving, elegant, diverse systems, meet all modern construction needs.

The Euroha Thermal breaker is separated by high insulation with polyamide strip and EPDM gasket and synchronic accessory for better sound insulation and insulation than aluminium. there is an insulation bridge. Not only lightweight, durable, aluminium cavity design hollow cavity with reinforced ribs ... reduce the load for the entire door or glass wall. Especially with the product system with thermal bridges, the tendons increase and the cavity hollow more so the strength as possible. Another outstanding feature of aluminium is the very high thermal conductivity, so if you consider the use of aluminium, the thermal insulation bridges will have enormous potential for saving energy.

In the context of fierce competition with imported insulating aluminium products, Euroha Thermal break has created a foothold for quality and price. At the second Viet build International Exhibition in 2017, Euroha Thermal break attracted great attention from consumers as well as construction companies.

"After the exhibition, we received a lot of good feedback on the product line from investors to people building civil housing. This may be the positive move of the market to accelerate the production and marketing of Euroha Thermal break in the market. As a leading unit in the production of aluminium bridge insulation, we expect to contribute to reducing the trade deficit for this product line, "Dung shares.

Experts appreciated this progress of the Nam Hai Group and affirmed that this is a good premise for many aluminium enterprises in the country will boldly invest in this difficult market segment. Aluminium industry is in a new opportunity and we can expect the trade deficit of high-end aluminium products will end soon.

Source: Dan Tri Newspaper