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(Video) Brief history of aluminum smelting technology materials that promote the industry today

People had discovered aluminum from a thousand years ago, but due to the limitations of metallurgical technology at that time that aluminum has not been used properly. The price is expensive but the strength in not high. Over the centuries, with more and more modern metallurgical technology, aluminum has emerged from an expensive metal that has become the most affordable metal. Its tremendous durability and widespread application in aluminum has helped to promote the development of early 20th century industry up to now.

The material that changed the world

At the end of the 19th century, Charles martin hall(USA) and chemist Paul Heroult(France) were famous for electrolytic aluminum but did not work together, Breakthrough in aluminum mining techniques, turning aluminum into one of the cheapest metals. Twenty years later, German scientist Alfred William developed aluminum smelting into a durable alloy for use in a variety of fields, from aircraft production to construction.

It can be seen that aluminum is widely used in many areas today. The phone we use has aluminum casing, aluminum doors, aluminum cookware and even airplanes, the aluminum 7000 series (iPhone 6s), Galaxy S7, Apple Watch…) is the hardest aluminum version, with approximately the same durability as steel but lightweight and less oxidized.

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